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-Assists in rehabilitation by stimulating production of the body's stem cells

-Boosts immune system function

-Decreases swelling and inflammation

-Delivers oxygen to tissues up to 25 times normal levels

-Heals injuries much faster

-Helps the body to clear toxins

-Increases the body’s ability to fight infection

-Promotes regeneration of injured tissues

-Reduces fatigue from chronic hypoxia

-Stimulates brain & nerve cells recovery from injury

-Stimulates collagen production speeding up the wound healing process

-Supports growth of new blood vessels

90 minute session

Treatments include three phases:
1. Compression: During the compression phase patients feel a "fullness" in their ears similar to what is experienced as a commercial airliner lands. This increase in pressure on the tympanic membrane or eardrum must be equalized by swallowing or yawning. The temperature in the chamber also increases slightly during compression.

2. Treatment: The treatment phase begins when the pressure reaches the prescribed level. The patient breathes 100 percent oxygen with brief interruptions to breath air to reduce the risk of side effects that could happen with prolonged oxygen breathing.

3. Decompression: During decompression the pressure within the chamber is reduced to that at the surface. Decompression results in mild cooling. Once the chamber pressure equals the outside or surface pressure, the treatment is complete and the patient is assisted out of the chamber.

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