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"Dr. St. Petery played a pivotal role in my transformation. I credit her with helping me achieve a better version of myself through better eating, treatments that didn't involve conventional medicines, and direction for self-care. All gifts that will keep on giving!”

Aye Unnoppet, D.O.

"Very unique in her approach. Something I have never exeperienced."

Maria B

    After being turned away from countless doctors with no explanation as to why my health was deteriorating, I was finally referred to Dr. St. Petery. By implementing dietary changes, detox strategies, and IV treatments, she has been able to get me back to the person I was before my illness. The recent addition of ozone IV treatments was the final push I needed to get back to my active lifestyle. Dr. St. Petery’s unique treatment approach combined with her patience and kindness separates her from any other doctor I have been to. Not only did she help me regain my health, she made me a better person.

Chelsea C.

    Dr. St. Petery has been amazing not only in helping me achieve and maintain great health with my autoimmune disease, but also helping my son with his health. I love having options and having a doctor that thinks outside the box. Truly a unique approach to medicine and quite honestly, a refreshing approach!

Beth O.

    For the first time, I feel like my doctor truly cares about my health and well-being! Dr. St. Petery is SO thorough, SO knowledgeable, and SO kind. She has opened my eyes to my body's potential to heal itself and helped me see that "not feeling good" doesn't have to be my normal. If you are looking to tap into your full health potential, stop being a slave to prescriptions, and really learn and understand how your body works and processes what you put into and on it, this can be a life changing experience for you! I am so thankful to have discovered Dr. St. Petery and the ability and knowledge to take charge of my health. She also has the BEST staff. The lab, nurses and administrative staff are helpful, competent and sweet as can be.

Diane H.

5 days later, and  my knee is great!  No swelling, no pain. My gait is free and swinging. Bladder still better than the last 5 years. Thank you!

Margaret P.

    After breaking my right knee cap, I was facing knee replacement. Upon turning to Dr.St.Petery for guidance, she developed a personalized treatment plan. She used  Prolozone,vitamin C,  physical therapy, and diet and lifestyle chantes, and after seven months, I was stronger physically and mentally. No knee pain,  and able to live a full life! 

Sharon B.

LDA therapy eliminated my asthma.

Bill H.


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